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Cursive Thinking: Meet me!

Hey everyone! So, I changed my blog name, (to Cursive Thinking) just because the other blog wasn't getting much traffic. This blog will focus on everything, from crafts, to my life, my thoughts, and much more! Hopefully this blog will turn out better, I'm very optimistic though. I'll be posting frequently, so be on the… Continue reading Cursive Thinking: Meet me!

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Keep Going

Everyone faces problems. Whether in their personal life or at work, school, or someplace else. We also face obstacles. Challenges. And sometimes, we think we can't make it, or overcome┬áthem. There is one thing that I strive to do when facing a huge problem: persevere.     I like to think of persevering as this:… Continue reading Keep Going

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Thinking Positively

Lately, I've been trying to think more positive. I worry a lot, and think of what could go wrong in situations than what could go right. I think it's normal for humans to worry or procrastinate. I do think, however, that we should all try to think positive thoughts than negative thoughts. It's good to,… Continue reading Thinking Positively

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Crazy Fad, or Very Useful?

Perhaps you have heard of the latest fad: The Fidget Spinner. It's taken the nation by storm, YouTube videos featuring them have quickly made headlines, and kids, adults, and older folks love them! Some think it's just a useless thing, while others praise them. This post is about what I think, and my personal experience… Continue reading Crazy Fad, or Very Useful?

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Rainy Day

Yet again, today was rainy and cloudy. Normally I like rainy days (only because I love the smell of the outdoors once the rain has stopped, and I like hearing the birds chirp) but it's getting dreary. I'm sure once summer hits full force, I will be missing the rain. At least I snapped a… Continue reading Rainy Day